Fujifilm FinePix F505 16 MP CMOS Sensor and 15x Optical Zoom Digital Camera with 4 GB Class 10 SD Memory Card

Picture Full Size: Fujifilm FinePix F505 16 MP CMOS Sensor and 15x Optical Zoom Digital Camera with 4 GB Class 10 SD Memory Card

Name : Fujifilm FinePix F505 16 MP CMOS Sensor and 15x Optical Zoom Digital Camera with 4 GB Class 10 SD Memory Card

Price : B005GMRVZO .-

Type :

Product Description

  • 16-megapixel EXR CMOS sensor
  • Fujinon 15x wide-angle optical zoom lens; Image Stabilization (CMOS Shift + High ISO)
  • 3.0-inch high-contrast LCD screen
  • Face detection; RAW + JPG mode
  • Includes 4 GB Class 10 SD memory card


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5.0 out of 5 stars so far so good December 28, 2011
Color Name:White|Amazon Verified Purchase
I love this camera so far. I bought it for a photography class I am taking next semester and have already used it more than I thought I would


Comes with a free 4 Gb SD card

Has a GREAT picture, which is really the only important thing! The picture is better than my grandmas fujifilm that she paid $400 and I only paid $160

Has lots of different settings. When you put it on advanced it has a seamless panoramic setting. most panoramic settings you have to take three pictures and try to line them up just right and you always end up with two lines down the middle of your picture but this one you just pan the camera and try to stay level and then it calibrates the rest of it and blends it together and it looks seamless.

The EXR setting is amazing! the first day I got it my grandma had me take a whole bunch of pictures of a house she is selling and she needed inside and out. Different areas of the house were lighted different and it didnt matter, the EXR figured out the best setting it needed to be on to get the best picture and went there! the best part was that it could detect whether you were outside or not and it had the same quality picture everywhere. it didnt let so much sunlight in that it blared out the picture, and in low light it didnt turn out dark at all!

Its quite light weight for its size, but is heavy and sturdy enough that it doesnt seem chinsy

Another little thing that doesn't really matter much is that when you turn it on it seems all techy and futuristic :) the flash pops up and the lens covers snap inside and it makes a cool little noise. Its not needed, but appreciated by nerds like me :)


I really havent found any yet. The only thing that MIGHT be one is that the scroll wheel is super sensitive. Im sure that there is a way to change that, I just havent looked for it yet. Its easy to scroll past the picture you were looking for but its not a big deal.

If I find anything big that I dont like about this I will update the review, but for now I love it

Really I would recommend this to anyone who isnt a total professional and wants really simple great looking pictures without having to lug around a giant SLR.


This little camera is great. It takes pictures that are as good as the Canon Rebel a girl in my class has! The details of this camera are amazing. It has the same amount of pixels as the Nikon Dx5100 (or something like that) Another thing that I like is that the battery lasts a long time. I have only had to charge it once since I got it several weeks ago. There is still nothing that I can find wrong with this. The pictures that are coming from this are so good that I had someone ask me to take their engagement pictures.


So I thought it was worth noting that I just dropped this camera. I was walking my dog and it was in my hoodie pocket and he jerked on the leash and it came out and landed on concrete. It landed screen down and the only damage that I have found is a little bit of paint chipped on the corner. Really happy with the sturdiness of the camera so far and I still love it.

Another thing that might be worth noting is that the word 'fujifilm' below the screen is beginning to wear off a little bit but that in no way effects its performance so it isn't that big of a deal

If this was helpful I would really appreciate you taking a few seconds to hit the helpful button above. thanks :)

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date: 2012-09-09 11:55:28

Fujifilm X10 12 MP EXR CMOS Digital Camera with f2.0-f2.8 4x Optical Zoom Lens and 2.8-Inch LCD

Picture Full Size: Fujifilm X10 12 MP EXR CMOS Digital Camera with f2.0-f2.8 4x Optical Zoom Lens and 2.8-Inch LCD

Name : Fujifilm X10 12 MP EXR CMOS Digital Camera with f2.0-f2.8 4x Optical Zoom Lens and 2.8-Inch LCD

Price : B005KBB79C .-

Type :

Product Description

  • Large 2/3-inch, 12-megapixel EXR-CMOS sensor and advanced EXR processor; RAW shooting and in-camera RAW processing
  • f2.0 wide-angle and f2.8 telephoto, bright Fujinon 4x optical manual barrel zoom lens
  • Diverse manual shooting modes that can be selected according to scene type (Program / Aperture Priority / Shutter Speed Priority / Manual); 1080p Full HD movie recording capabilities
  • Motion Panorama 360 for seamless 360-degree panoramic shooting; manual pop-up flash with a range of 7 meters
  • Capture images and video to SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards (not included)


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5.0 out of 5 stars OMG.. Just BUY this Camera! NOW with Camera Raw Support November 22, 2011
Amazon Verified Purchase
For the past couple of months I've been looking for a high end 'pocket' camera to fill the gap between my Casio throw-away and my Nikon D200. I read all the reviews for the Ricoh GRD iii and iv, and couple of other cameras in that price range and performance, and was just about to pull the trigger on one of those choices.

Then, just a week ago, I stumbled on to a reference for the Fuji X10. I had long lusted after the previously-released X100, but just decided that the buy-in price was a bit too steep just for the cool-factor, for a camera barely less portable than the D200.

After lots of pondering, I decided to place an Amazon order for this camera. Then, as now (late Nov 2011), Amazon showed the camera as currently out of stock. I went ahead and placed the provisional order. Two days later, I received notice that Amazon expected to have the camera by early December. The FOLLOWING day, I got notice the camera had shipped!!, and I should see in on Monday. Instead, the very next day, a Friday, the camera showed up at my door step!

I'll readily admit to being an unabashed impulse buyer. And, let's face it, 600 clams for a 'point and shoot' is not a trivial sum, and I fully expected that I might experience a bad case of the post-purchase blues once the new wore off my latest toy.

Thus far such has not been the case! This camera has absolutely exceeded ALL my expectations. When the camera arrived, a professional photographer friend was a house guest, and I could hardly pry the camera from his hands. Both he and I were blown away by the incredible low-light performance of this camera. The image stabilization works well with the fast lens and auto ISO modes. We took some night-time indoor shots at shutter speeds of 1/4 second, hand held without tripod, and the results were sharp and acceptably noiseless.

I won't bore readers with all the capabilities of this camera.. many other reviews cover this thoroughly. However, I've discovered many neat features that aren't even covered in the manual. One of my favorite features is how the MENU button is context-sensitive... therefore, if, say, you press the pop-up flash button, and then want to modify some of the internal flash settings, press the MENU button, and you will automatically be in the flash sub-menu. The same is true for other functions, such as scene mode selection.

I'm also very impressed with the 'EXR' mode which allows for a wider dynamic range for scenes containing both extreme dark and light areas. It really works, with phenomenal results. There are many other scene and 'film' modes (such as high contrast B&W) that work well, and, mercifully, Fuji has avoided cluttering the menus with those gimmicky modes that no semi-serious photographer would ever use.

Virtually every 'scene' setting (such as: Portrait, Soft Portrait, Landscape, etc) and 'film' setting (Standard, Soft, Vivid, Monochrome, Sepia, etc) are features that I could see myself actually using on occasion for quick, one-shot pleasing effects.

Finally, a few general comments about ownership:

1) The strap that comes with the camera is a neck strap,and a very cheesy one at that, which I can't envision ever using, unless I decide to go to Disneyland and join all the tourists. (update.. Okay, I did get a realistic faux-leather strap with the after market case I purchased (described below), and I installed it with a pair of those little clip connectors so I can remove it when it's in the way.

On the other hand, you really do need a wrist strap. The camera is just small enough that it is a bit intimidating to use it without a strap. Every time I picked up the camera I always felt I was going to drop it for sure (already been there, done that, with a cheapy camera).

I found the perfect strap right here on Amazon, an Op/Tech for some $8. It fits snugly around the wrist, and has a quick disconnect at the camera to detach when desired: OP/TECH USA 6704062 SLR Wrist Strap, Neoprene Camera Wrist Strap (Royal)

2) As others have described, this is not really a pocket camera, except perhaps to stow in your coat or cargo pants pockets. All other things being equal, I would have preferred a slight smaller size, but decided to give up that minor inconvenience in favor of the performance of this camera. It's light and easy to carry, and fits easily in your glove box, door pocket, underneath the seat, brief case, or ? Try that with your full-on DSLR!

3) You'll certainly want a case to project this baby.. of course, none comes with it. Pay the $150 for the Fuji leather case if you must, but if you are just looking for protection, buy an identically constructed case with snap open front made of 'imitation leather' (specifically for the X10) on eBay for $21, as I did.

4) Likewise, you'll certainly eventually want the lens hood and filter adapter (a requirement to use any standard filter.. 52mm). Again, you could pay $99 and up for the official branded Fuji unit, or for $30 get an after market unit complete with a UV filter right here on Amazon EzFoto Adapter Ring + Hood (100% replaces FUFJIFILM LH-X10) + 52mm Pro1-D Super Slim Multi-Coated UV Filter for Fuji Finepix X10

5) Finally, I'd suggest going ahead and springing for a Neutral Density Filter (52mm again). You will definitely need this if you want to take advantage of the narrow depth of field and Bokeh effects when using the maximum F2 aperture in bright sunshine. Otherwise the shutter speed will max out before reaching the correct exposure, even with the lowest ISO setting. You can get a quality Tiffen brand 0.9 ND filter (about 3 f-stops compensation) for about $16 Tiffen 52mm Neutral Density 0.9 Filter

6) Oh, and the tiny NP-50 battery is only good for some 300 shots (according to Fuji). Fortunately, these are ubiquitous and cheap.. I picked up a pair of batteries on eBay for about $12 with free shipping.

7) My only major frustration with this camera is the Raw format it uses (Fuji RAF). I like to take all my images in Raw, and use Photoshop or Lightroom Camera Raw for post-processing. Unfortunately, as near as I can determine, my up-to-date Camera Raw software does not currently support Fuji's proprietary format, so you have to use the included software to convert the Raw images. I haven't actually played with the software yet, other than a quick review of the screens. It does seem to have the basic controls you'd expect, but it just creates an unnecessary and cumbersome intermediate step between my images and my favorite software which I've used for some 15 years. Hopefully Adobe will get cranking and create support for the X10 soon. UPDATE.. Photoshop Camera Raw and Lightroom both do fully support the Camera Raw Fuji format, so you can just toss that Fuji software conversion disk (or maybe as I did, use it as a beer coaster on your desk!)

Now go out and have some great fun with this camera!

Update - November 28

* - It's true... the smaller sensor size doesn't produce the same limited Depth of Field or Bokeh effect at wide open apertures as would a full-size DSLR. Fortunately, Fuji added a very cool shooting mode called 'Pro Focus' (under the ADVANCED shootimg selection). Just focus in on your desired subject and pull the trigger.. The X10 takes just a second or so to process, and then gives you a great blurred background, with sharp subject. Of course, I've done this many times in Photoshop, but how nice to just select this mode, snap, and be done. No idea how they pull this off, but it really works well. You can even select 3 different levels of background 'out of focus' when choosing this mode. (Later update... with the new Focus filters in Photoshop CS6, I find I have much more control by avoiding ANY of the photo-altering gimmicks in the camera.. I just shoot in Camera Raw, then fix whatever needs fixing quickly in Lightroom or Photoshop)

* - a couple of reviewers opined that a 40.5mm filter might just screw into the Fuji lens. I bought a 40.5mm UV filter to find out. The answer is a definite NO... I guess Fuji wanted to shake another hundred bucks out of its customers and sell the 'filter adapter'.. boo Fuji!

Update - December 14

I just read a blog indicating that Adobe now has Camera Raw processing updates for Photoshop CS5 AND Lightroom 3. Just downloaded both, and YES, you can now throw away that funky SilkyPix Raw converter software that comes with the camera. For Lightroom 3, you'll need version 3.6 And for Photoshop CS5 you'll need Camera Raw version 6.6. Download them both at: [...]

Note that only Photoshop CS5 supports the X10 Camera Raw updates. You DO have version CS5 don't you? If not, trust me... forget about buying another camera and spring for CS5 AND Lightroom 3. You'll thank yourself a thousand times! (Update Aug 2012... Okay, now is CS6 and Lightroom 4.. both MAJOR improvements... grossly expensive, but oh so essential for any other than pure amateur photographer)

Update August 2012

There has been much discussion in these reviews about the 'orb' problem with the X10. After some 5,000 pictures, I'll admit I've gotten 'orbs' in perhaps 4-5 images, all of which were easily corrected in seconds in Photoshop. Nevertheless, when I learned that Fuji was offering free sensor replacement to correct the 'orb' problem, it just made sense to take advantage of that. Read more ?

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date: 2012-09-09 11:55:26

Fujifilm INSTAX 210 Instant Photo Camera Kit with 5 Twin Pack of INSTAX Film

Picture Full Size: Fujifilm INSTAX 210 Instant Photo Camera Kit with 5 Twin Pack of INSTAX Film

Name : Fujifilm INSTAX 210 Instant Photo Camera Kit with 5 Twin Pack of INSTAX Film

Price : B002YOVF90 .-

Type :

Product Description

  • LCD control panel displaying focal distance and film count
  • Programmed electronic shutter, 1/64-1/200 sec
  • Close-Up Lens Included
  • Automatic flash for low-light shooting
  • High-speed ISO 800 Super-Fine grain


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5.0 out of 5 stars Practically Perfect June 9, 2010
Amazon Verified Purchase
-this is my mother's account and she bought this camera for me for my graduation/birthday gift-

If you're looking for an instant camera, this is definitely the one to get. The price is definitely reasonable since it comes with batteries, close-up lens, strap, and 100 wide-format exposures. The body of the camera is strong and not too fragile, but of course with any other camera, you have to be careful with how you handle it. So far, it has not given me any technical problems. The photos are bright and sharp, much like a digital but with a vintage touch. :) The photos taken outside are amazing. The only thing I don't like is that you cannot turn the flash off. It doesn't really seem to wash out photos, but when trying to photograph against a reflective surface, you want to be careful about the positioning of the camera so the flash doesn't reflect off the mirror/glass.

Other than that, it's practically perfect. It's really easy to put the film in and then you're ready to shoot. The size of the camera is probably bigger than you'd expect but it doesn't really matter that much, since it isn't too heavy and not too tiring to carry around. It's close to 6' long and 5' tall.

I have to say it's definitely a worthwhile purchase. I absolutely love it and cannot put it down, and I'm waiting to try it out on my trip to Hawaii! :) So seriously, if you're in the market for an instant camera, get this one! I recommend it 100%.

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date: 2012-09-09 11:55:23

Fujifilm FinePix AX300 14 MP Digital Camera with Fujinon 5x Wide Angle Optical Zoom Lens (Black)

Picture Full Size: Fujifilm FinePix AX300 14 MP Digital Camera with Fujinon 5x Wide Angle Optical Zoom Lens (Black)

Name : Fujifilm FinePix AX300 14 MP Digital Camera with Fujinon 5x Wide Angle Optical Zoom Lens (Black)

Price : B004HO58JI .-

Type :

Product Description

  • 14-megapixel CCD sensor; 5x wide-angle optical zoom lens
  • 720p HD movie capture
  • Advanced image search function for easy browsing
  • Smile/Blink Detection; i-Flash Intelligent Flash
  • Powered by AA batteries; capture images and video to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)
  • 14 million effective pixels; 1/2.3 inch CCD sensor; 5x optical zoom lens plus approx. 6.7x digital zoom
  • 2.7 inch color TFT LCD monitor; HD movie 720p with sound
  • 6 scene SR AUTO recognition; Motion Panorama mode with auto stitch
  • Digital image stabilization; Face and Blink Detection; Smile and Shoot mode; Auto red-eye removal
  • USB 2.0 High-speed; Video output NTSC / PAL selectable; SD/SDHC memory card slot (card NOT included)


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5.0 out of 5 stars Exactly right March 24, 2011
Amazon Verified Purchase
This camera was exactly what I was looking for. I have a bigger Fuji camera that I have been very happy with, but wanted a 'pocket' camera that I could have with me all the time. This is perfect. I can take it to the restaurant when I have dinner with friends, or to little league practice, and it doesn't take up too much space, or too much of my time worrying about it. It takes great photos, and I am completely satisfied, and will purchase Fuji products again.

This is a great point & shoot, take it and go camera

Comment | 
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date: 2012-09-09 11:55:22

Fujifilm Finepix S700 7.1MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom

Picture Full Size: Fujifilm Finepix S700 7.1MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom

Name : Fujifilm Finepix S700 7.1MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom

Price : B000NOUP0S .-

Type :

Product Description

  • 7.1-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 15 x 20-inch prints
  • 2.5-inch LCD screen; 10x optical zoom, 48x Total zoom
  • Movie mode at 30fps with sound in Motion JPEG (.AVI) format
  • Picture Stabilization mode; Mode Dial for ease of use
  • Compatible with SD and xD media cards


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5.0 out of 5 stars FUJIFILM S700 - Very Good General Purpose Camera July 3, 2007
I do professional fine art and PR/theater photography with a Canon EOS 5D and am very experienced as a photographer for over 30 years. Not always wanting to use my main equipment, I purchased this camera for a general purpose like family events, travel/vacation etc.

I originally wanted at least a 10x-12x optical zoom, 6-8MP, video (movie mode)with 640x480 30fps with zoom while movie shooting, AA batteries, IS (Image Stablization), at least a 2' LCD screen, fairly compact (but not a necessarily a pocket camera), and simple operation. I compared to Canon S3 IS, Kodak Z 7812 IS, Panasonic DMC FZ8K and seveal others which had true IS capabilites.

The FUJI S700 was less expensive because it is not a true IS camera or lens, but uses a fast shutter speed and higher ISO to achieve its IS mode. Otherwise it met the all other specifications I was looking for in a camera.

My daughter took this camera for a two week trip to China and got very good results. She used the IS mode often and the resulting pictures were generaly good with very little 'digital sensor noise' because of the higher ISO setting. She also had very good results in low-light situations where flash was not permitted, and her movie clips where good (maybe not quite as good as a dedicated camcorder but fine for general purpose). The S700 movie mode sound uses a single microphone in the camera body for monophonic sound, where some other models have stereo if this is important to you.

She shot over 1000 images and about 30 video clips on a single 4GB SD card (the S700 is SDHC compatible) and she only used two sets (4 each) of alkaline AA batteries during her trip. The S700 will run longer on rechargable NiMH (2500-2800mAH) batteries or Lithium AA batteries.

While lacking true IS, the FUJI S700 is also about $50-$100 less expensive than the above comparable cameras. The KODAK and PANASONIC have movie modes but you cannot change the zoom lens setting while in this mode. Being a long time CANON user and a big fan of my EOS 5D SLR and other EOS SLRs, I found the CANON S3 IS difficult to switch modes between shooting mode and playback. It does have zoom while in movie mode however and the newer S5 IS may correct this problem. The S3 IS does produce excellent images even with its 6MP sensor (that uses their excellent DIGIC II processor).

The FUJI S700 produces good to very good images in its 7MP Fine mode using ISO of 100-400. The digital noise begins to slightly appear at ISO 400, but is not unacceptable. It is easy to use and in the AUTO mode, that most people would use, the camera would produce good results. It does allow shutter or aperture prioirty modes plus a full manual mode, but these are for advanced users in special situations and are not as easy to set as on a prosummer/professional level camera.

I would strongly recommend this as a good gerenal purpose camera that has a good, fairly fast optics and very good image quality. It is not a 'pocket camera' with their small 3-4X optical zoom lens, but the S700 is lightweight to carry and easy to hold and use even with one-hand shooting.

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date: 2012-09-09 11:55:20